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Today's most exciting progressive talk show host's are Mitch Mallett and Terri Wonder, the Practical Liberals, who airs live Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9-10am on 1490 AM Tampa Bay, or Blog Talk Radio.

"Remember;  Every Gavel is a Mallett but not every Mallett is a Gavel. It's Your Gavel, you have the power, you be the judge, you decide.......Call the Show"

4 ways to participate.

  1.  Just listen to the show byclicking here.  You can do this when the show is live or later you can listen to any archive show. You can also hear
  2. Participate on the live Chat clicking here
  3. Call in and join the conversation by calling  347-884-9261, I don’t screen the calls Tell all your friends via word of mouth, emails, Texts, Facebook, Twitter and any other way you can share the word.
  4. Please join the conversation!  Please challenge the host and guests!  Feel free to say what is on your mind and what issues are of concern to you.  Callers are never screened.  The more people and the more opinions, the merrier!   A daily conversation for the rest of us.Past guests have included Senators, Members of Congress, and Presidential candidates.

"It's Your Gavel" originally aired on 1490 AM Tampa Bay April 11, 2005 nearly ten years ago.